Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A month later...

I haven't posted a blog lately because things have been a bit hectic. Brian and I went on vacation two weeks ago and had a lot of fun. When we got back I started an 11 week weight loss elimination challenge that includes calorie burn and rep challenges. Plus food challenges on top. This is a good thing for me, because I love challenges. This gives me something to shoot for. I want to make it as far into the 11 weeks as I can. I am currently in week 2.

Another thing that came up shortly after we returned was an opportunity to have a free booth at a craft fair, but here is the catch, the fair is on August 4th. That gives me a very short time to put things together. I have made soap and am working on wash cloths and other knit items.

I will post more details about all of this later, but for now enjoy this picture of Brian and I at the hot springs in Banff.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Story

I spend a lot of time encouraging all of my friends on My Fitness Pal. I know how discouraging it can be to do everything right to lose weight, but the scale does not seem to move at all.

It took me a long time of struggling with the scale to realize I was better off focusing on the things I could control. I knew that I could control whether or not I tracked my food or exercised. I could also control what I ate. As long as I was making healthy choices in the things I could control then I would consider all of my work a success. It didn't matter what the scale said.

I realized today that I started picking up this habit in high school when I was on chemotherapy. There were a lot of things out of my control at that time but I chose to focus on the things I could control. I could control whether or not I did my homework. I could control my attitude when I was at the doctors office receiving treatment. I chose to experience the journey as enjoyable of a life experience as I could.

That is the attitude I want to keep with me the rest of my life, always finding ways to make crappy inevitable situations the best that they could be.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Difference

I have a couple of friends who are struggling with their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Seeing their status updates has me thinking about myself almost a year ago, August 2011 to be exact.

I wasn't happy with how I looked and I had started running and exercising and "watching what I ate". I was frustrated though because I wasn't getting the results I wanted. The pounds were not coming off in spite of all of my hard work. Eventually the holidays came and my exercise routine went by the wayside, but I was still frustrated that I wasn't losing weight.

At the start of this year I decided to give a diet program from Fitness magazine a chance. And it worked. Te eating plan was simple and the exercise routine was doable. I have relied on the structure of that eating plan multiple times because it outlined how many calories to have for each meal.

I have been on a roll ever since then. But the point of this post is the journal I have kept since August 2011. The first entries are very desperate and whiny. I wasn't taking control of the situation completely. There is a definite progression through this past year. Maybe one day I will type up my journal. But for now I can look back and see the change. I am now 21 pounds down and have a completely different lifestyle than what I had before.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chugging Along-June Goals

I really need to get better about writing blogs when I have all of the great ideas in my head.  I have been listening to a lot of Jillian Michaels lately and she really has me thinking about why I gained the weight and the whole process of changing my lifestyle.  But of course my mind is at a blank right now.

I redeemed a Groupon for group training for the month of June and will be getting up bright and early tomorrow to go for my third class.  I'm exhausted at the moment but it is a great workout and I really like the trainer and hope to see some amazing results.

Without Further June Goals

1) Be in the solid 180s by the end of the month.  I hit 189.6 over the weekend but I have a feeling the scale will bounce around a little bit before settling.

2) Run 1.25 miles.  I hope to gradually increase my running distance every month.  Hoping that I will be able to run at lunch even with doing group training at 6 am every day.

3) Focus on veggies.  I haven't been focused on these and it shows in my food diary.

4) Continue to track all of my food.

5) Aim for a minimum of 5,000 steps daily.

That is all for now.  More philosophical insight into this whole weight loss process at a later date.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I think I'm in love

I am knitting a scarf for Mr. Badango's Grandfather. I was going to do a simple mistake rib, and then a simple rib, and then seed stitch, but I ripped out every one of those after a few rows. I just wasn't happy with how it looked. Then I started playing and got the below result. I will post the pattern once the scarf is finished. But I have now set this picture as the background on my phone. I am in love with this scarf. It may not be let go of by me

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Funny Work Pant Story

With all of the weight I have lost so far my work pants are starting to just hang off of me, well my jeans too but that is a different story.

I went to Target this past weekend to get some new pants for work. In my mind I have been wearing a size 14 this whole time so grabbed some size 12 pants and went into the fitting room. After much grunting and pulling and jumping around I finally got the pants on and zipped up. The thing is, I just couldn't justify buying them because they were too tight. I was really sad about this because I thought for sure the pants would fit just fine. I put them back on the shelf and did the walk of shame to Mr. Badango to let him know that I wouldn't be buying pants today. No sense in buying more pants in the same size I was already wearing.

I continued to be a little bummed about all of this until I decided to check the size on my work pants the next morning. Apparently I have been wearing a size 16 and the fact that I fit into the 12 means I have gone down two pant sized.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meeting Goals

Okay, I have a confession.  I've been avoiding posting up my weight loss progress because I feel like it has stalled.  I weighed in at 192.2 this morning and am realizing that is down .5 pounds since April 24th.  The thing is, the scale has been bouncing around all over the place for the past few weeks.  One day it will be 190.9 then 191.4 then 192.2 then 190.3 then 191.6 then 192.2.  It is driving me a bit bonkers, but ultimately the low is getting lower and the high is also getting lower.  I may not get into the 180s like I wanted to this month, but I will be meeting my other goals that I set at the beginning of the month.

Goals for May
- Complete 30 DS- Working on it
- Get into the 180s- Eh, my body will get there when it gets there
- Continue to track all of my food- Been doing that
- Run a mile- Accomplished today and will continue to push myself to go further.

 I was reading a rant the other day from a woman who was upset about the rate the numbers on the scale were going down.  She knew that she looked thinner and her measurements told her so, but that number on the scale just wasn't going down.  I loved one of the responses and am trying to keep it in mind as I continue on this journey.

"So you've gotten physically and visibly smaller, right? But the number on the scale, which no one sees but you, hasn't changed? I don't see a problem here."

The number on the scale is only visible to me, and most people don't really care about that number.  What matters is that I am building muscle and toning up.  And whenever the fat does decide to drop off I bet I will have a 6 pack waiting for me.